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Mystical Highlands

Majestic, mysterious and shrouded in the mists of time, PNG’s Highlands are a world apart. Isolated by rugged terrain for thousands of years, the people of the Highlands have developed their own distinctive traditions and customs, typified by their striking and often colourful costumes and body adornments.

To showcase the best of Highlands culture, regional festivals and shows featuring song, dance and spectacular costumes are regularly scheduled and not to be missed. Visitors will be fascinated by the bright ochre colours and the two metre high head-dresses swathed in plumes of the Bird of Paradise worn by tribal elders. 
Dancing is proud and fierce at traditional sing-sings, with drums beating long into the night.

MTS can arrange visits, prior to boarding or following your cruise, to Goroka or Mt Hagen in the Bismarck Highlands, or a visit closer to Madang in the Finnisterre or Adelbert Range. Wherever you choose to explore, your Highlands experience is certain to command a unique place among your memories.