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Sepik River

Regarded as the ‘Amazon of the South Pacific’ the Sepik (pronounced Sea-pick) is one of the great rivers of the world, running over 1126 kilometres, from the Papua (Indonesian) border to the Bismarck Sea in PNG, with a drainage basin covers some 80,000 square kilometres. A natural highway for the Sepik people, the river is also your access to an incredibly rich culture and society unaffected by the impact of the modern world. The Sepik Basin remains a uniquely undisturbed environment with no major urban settlements, mining or forestry activities in the river catchment

On this voyage you will encounter traditions, rituals, legends, songs and dances handed down through generations, as well as some of the most vibrant, beautiful and primitive art on the planet. You will be given unique access to experience the complexity, diversity and social contrasts of the Sepik people and their lifestyle.

The Kalibobo Spirit operates expeditionary chartersas well as occasional scheduled expeditions to the lower and middle Sepik River. These visits are primarily undertaken on our specially designed river boats, traveling at over 50kph to reach remote waterways, lakes and tributaries. Do not be misled, the Kalibobo Spirit is the only vessel operating in the lower and middle Sepik under both Queensland and PNG Survey ensuring qualified crew, safety and manning levels. For your personal safety and well being accept no substitutes.