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2020  Expeditionary Cruises to the Sepik and Milne Bay

Apr 08 -14   6 Night Madang/Sepik/Madang  $4300.00 BOOKED OUT

May 30-Jun 05  6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang $4300.00 6 CABINS AVAIL

Jun 07-14  7 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4950.00 BOOKED OUT 

Jul 15-21   6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4300.00 6 CABINS AVAIL

Aug 07-13  6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4300.00 3 CABINS AVAIL

Aug 19 -25 6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4300.00  2 CABINS AVAIL

Sep 09-15  6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4300.00  6 CABINS AVAIL

Sep 23-29  6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang    $4300.00   4 CABINS AVAIL

Oct 07-13   6 Nights Madang/Sepik/Madang   $4300.00  4 CABINS AVAIL

Oct 14-21   8 Nights Madang/Trobriands/Alotau $5657.00  6 CABINS AVAIL

Nov 24-26  3 Nights   Alotau/Trobriands/Alotau   $3536.00  6 CABINS AVAIL

Dec 02-06  3 Nights  Alotau/Trobriands/Alotau    $3536.00  2 CABINS AVAIL

Dec 14-18   3 Nights  Alotau/Trobriands/Alotau    $3536.00  BOOKED OUT

Dec 21-28  8 Nights  Alotau/Tribriands/Madang   $5657.00  4 CABINS AVAIL

 Standby Rates are only available upon request 30 days prior to departure for eligible PNG Residents.

Schedule for 2021 & 2022 available upon request.


Single supplement 50% of rack rate cost includes; Accomodation Twin/Double cabin, Twin share, per person, all mens 




The Sepik, pronounced "sea-pick", is one of the world's great river systems and at 1126 km, the longest river system in PNG. It has an enormous catchment area and landforms that include swamplands, tropical rainforests and mountains. Biologically, the river system is possibly the largest uncontaminated freshwater wetland system in the Asia-Pacific region, with a drainage basin that covers some 80,000 square kilometres.

Make no mistake, this is an adventure into one of the world's last great wilderness areas, still largely intact both ecologically and culturally.

Expect to visit some extraordinary villages along the river, including Perembei & Kanganaman, famous for their maginficent Haus Tambarans (Spirit Houses), fine carvings and warm, friendly people. Further along your voyage, in the village of Wombun, in the Chambri Lakes, you may be among the lucky few to witness a drama played out by local youths or witness traditional artisans making pottery using method almost as old as time itself in the village of Aibom.

Further along the mighty river at Kamindimbit local people will give you a unique insight into village life and perhaps a traditional “sing sing”. A little further upstream we will visit Tambanum Village, the largest village in the middle Sepik, Taumbanum features superb houses and people who are amongst the most skillful and prolific carvers along the river.

From Kambarindo a rapid speed boat ride up the Nagam River to Mundox Village will provide you the opportunity to witness and participate in many as pects of village life. Further along the lower Sepik we pass villages including Moim, the remarkable Kambaramba, built on stilts to adapt to the ebb and flow of the river in the backwater, Angoram a commercial trading town and further down river, Bien and an exciting excursion by speed boat to the Murik Lakes and village of Mendam. The last villages along the Sepik are Kopar and Wotam. If conditions permit, a visit will be made to Manam or Boisa Island and Buson Village on Kar Kar. Finally, the Kalibobo Spirit will cruise through the beautiful Madang Marine Park to berth at the Madang Resort.

Whilst the cruise up or down the Sepik aboard the Kalibobo Spirit is basically the same in either direction, the villages and waterways you visit will be in the reverse order.

Please note: As all of cruises are expeditionary in nature and are subject to change depending on local conditions and weather.

Sepik River Cruise-Small Kalibobo SpiritSepik Haus Man-Tambunum Village